New generation of drugs protecting against neurotoxic industrial chemicals


Kick-off meeting of the NATO-funded NeuroTICs project

The project New Generation of drugs protecting against neurotoxic industrial chemicals (NeuroTICs) kick-off meeting was held yesterday online to present the partners and set-up the framework of this NATO-funded project.

The project is based on how great target the human brain is for chemical terrorism. This implies that NATO nations should be prepared to respond effectively to terrorist threats involving neurotoxic industrial chemicals (neuroTICs). The main objective of this project is to assess the therapeutic potential of AD4 and thioredoxin-mimetic peptides, blood-brain barrier permeable drugs targeting oxidative stress, apoptosis and inflammation, on acute neurotoxic syndromes induced by three common TICs (organophosphorus compounds, acrylamide, organic mercury). Moreover, specific combinations of drugs derived from the analysis of potential therapeutic targets for each toxidrome will be also tested.

NeuroTICs - Kickoff meeting
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